16 Feb

ZTE Wireless Solutions Innovation: RRU


Shanghai, China:

ZTE announced its new generation of miniaturized remote radio units (RRUs), which sets a new record in raising power amplification efficiency. The compact series utilities a minimal amount of equipment to facilitate a wide scale deployment. ZTE’s next-generation of miniaturized RRU products, with increased power amplifier efficiency, adapts to varying scenarios and can provide enhanced network performance to help operators quickly and flexibly construct a low-cost, high-performance converged global system for 2G/3G/4G mobile communication networks.

The RRU series possesses the industry’s smallest and lightest dual-PA radio frequency (RF) modules, with only two-thirds of the volume of similar products in the industry, which means that it is easily installed and hidden from sight. In the face of current widespread public awareness of environmental protection, the technology helps operators to quickly acquire new sites and conveniently deploy networks using less space than previously.

The RRU series offers high power, full bandwidth and 2T4R functions. The high power capabilities enable GSM and LTE network to function in dual-mode at a high capacity. The full bandwidth capabilities can be adapted to scattered frequency bands, preserving half of the required RF modules and feeders. The four way receiver significantly enhances uplink coverage performance, effectively extending the standby time of mobile handsets. Therefore, the RRU supports operators in facilitating a high performance GSM and LTE dual mode network in one easy step.

The RRU series also supports 4T4R function and a single RRU can support 4×4 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology, with nearly 50 percent reduction in the volume allowing double the data rate to be achieved with quick and easy installation. Combined with the carrier aggregation (CA) technology, a single mobile user peak data rate can exceed 1Gbps.

ZTE’s General Manager of Wireless Product Operation Department, Zhang Jianguo, said: “Following the successful global release of our previous Magic RRU products, ZTE has now launched its new generation of miniaturized RRU products to the market. The RRU series’ consistent performance allows mobile consumers to experience a faster and more stable mobile network. The dramatically reduced product volume greatly reduces the energy consumption and carbon emissions of mobile base stations, and the power amplifier efficiency element is industry leading.”

As a leading communications solution provider, ZTE is committed to technological innovation, and endeavors to provide customers with exceptional network services. In 2015, ZTE’s 4G shipments grew more than 25 percent, accounting for more than 30 percent of global shipments of the 4G market and maintaining the world’s fastest growth for three consecutive years. By the end of 2015, ZTE had built 2G/3G/4G commercial networks for more than 180 operators in more than 110 countries.

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