13 Jul

Liberty Port Expands African Reseller Network


Lagos, Nigeria:

Liberty Port will introduce new solutions to the information technology and enterprise market in both Nigeria and Kenya. The consumer designed devices will focus on alternative options for low-cost handsets, cellular phones, tablets and smart-phones. We are looking for distributors and re-sellers that have established businesses in Lagos, Abuja, and Nairobi and have extensive knowledge of consumer demand within these regions. Ideal candidates must demonstrate proven knowledge of popular brands within the African Market such as Huawei, Nokia, Samsung, and Tecno.

Our enterprise sales team will be conducting a technical evaluation to determine the manufacturer and model that will be best suited for public offering and roaming capabilities with Liberty Port’s mobile partners in the area. Contact careers@libertyport.com if your interested in becoming a partner or working for our regional office to help be part of the growing Liberty Port Team in Africa.