03 Jun

Liberty Port to Expand Data Center


Chicago, Illinois:

Liberty Port announced that they will be constructing a new data center for their North American Operations and Support Center. To accommodate the growing demand for data storage, Liberty Port has decided to seek a data center solution that meets the demand of their current network while also allowing for a timely network launch. Rather than continue to outsource data storage and co-location requirements, Liberty Port believes an in-house architecture will allow for enhanced flexibility and a diverse product offering for some of their enterprise customers.

Once the construction and integration phase has been completed, Liberty Port’s Enterprise Level Sales Team will offer a portfolio of storage and back-up services to their customers worldwide. There is an emerging trend toward outsourcing the data center as many organizations re-evaluate the need to build, own and operate their own data centers. They are either outsourcing it in whole or in part, in an effort to concentrate their resources on their core business, Liberty Port hopes to keep offering their customers cutting edge solutions.