18 Jul

Lightwave Reports on ZTE 800 Gbps Long Haul Transmission

M820 Front

ZTE USA Optical Lab:

On July 18th, 2016, Lightwave Online reported that ZTE USA had successfully transmitted a single-carrier 800-Gbps signal over a long-haul fiber optic link. The company says it used electrical time-division multiplexing (ETDM)-based 16QAM to send a 120-Gbaud WDM signal 1,200 km of TeraWave fiber. The signal benefited from the application of optical pre-emphasis on the transmitter side and maximum likelihood sequence estimation (MLSE) on the receiver side.

ZTE says it transmitted 12 WDM channels on a 150-GHz grid. Each channel transmitted a total of 960 Gbps, 800 Gbps of data signals plus 20% forward error correction (FEC) emulated overhead bits. The 1,200-km link comprised 100-km spans of the “base” version of TeraWave fiber that features a loss of 0.184 dB/km and an effective area of 125 μm2, according to a source at OFS. The transmission achieved spectral efficiency of 5.33 bps/Hz.

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