06 Jul

SINOCES: China International Consumer Electronics Show


Qingdao, China:

Liberty Port’s International Sales Team attended SINOCES, China’s largest exhibition for consumer electronics offering an array of opportunities to discover the latest technology developments, and create valuable vendor relationships.

More than 80,000 professionals and 500 exhibitors from all over the world congregated to view and display some of the most innovative technology in the world. SINOCES is a collaboration between the Consumer Electronics Association, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and Qingdao Municipal People’s Government.

The theme of SINOCES 2012 will focus on the emerging telecommunications technology and the integration of using consumer electronic devices for digital information. This sector provides many potential developments in areas such as Internet television, and TV for mobile handsets. Product categories range from home A/V: Audio Visual luxuries including but not limited to digital television, mobile communications equipment and software applications.

Last year SINOCES featured some of the largest consumer electronics leaders including Haier, Panasonic Corporation of China, Samsung Electronics Beijing Sales Co., and Toshiba Corporation.