28 Jun

ZTE Pre5G Massive Mimo Technology


Barcelona, Spain:

ZTE Corporation had a very busy year at the 2016 Mobile World Congress, earning awards in multiple categories, most notably the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award and Outstanding Overall Mobile Technology. The award was given for ZTE‘s latest innovation for its Pre5G Massive MIMO technology by the GSM Association (GSMA), which serves as the world’s most influential association in the mobile communications industry.

Insufficient site resources and global data demand have driven innovation during the mobile Internet era. Liberty Port has relied on it’s partner ZTE to fill this technology gap through the vast number of high-performance and efficient technologies it has been able to deploy in conjunction with ZTE. In this context, ZTE makes innovative use of Massive MIMO technology to enhance wireless spectrum efficiency and boost network capacity. In a commercial network, the average single-carrier peak rate of Pre5G Massive MIMO exceeds 400 Mbps, increasing spectral efficiency by four to six times as compared with that of existing 4G networks.

Pre5G Massive MIMO uses beam-forming technology to expand from 2D to 3D coverage, and implements intensive and extensive seamless coverage. The technology is flexible and can adapt to high-rise buildings, host-pot macro coverage, stadium coverage, and last-mile scenarios, dramatically enhancing overall network quality. Although the technology will only be available for commercial launch in China during 2016, we anticipate that it will have present a great advantage to Liberty Port customers throughout the world.

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