30 Mar

ZTE ZXR10 5900E

5952E-MCS-RJ-10GE Uplink_3D

Lima, Peru:

As fixed and mobile networks are converging and services are developing, operators are constantly putting greater demands on the operation and maintenance of their networks. Operators want to cut the operating costs of the network through simple yet efficient methods. With further development of the Internet terminal, requirements of Super High Speed Internet are ever-increasing making Gigabit interfaces necessary in the aggregation and even access layer. Giga-To-The-Home and Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop has become the trend, making the ZTE ZXR10 5900E switch a good choice to meet these demands.

The ZTE ZXR10 5900E series MPLS Easy-Maintenance switch adopts high-speed ASIC forwarding chips to support a complete family of Ethernet protocols, complete L3/MPLS protocols, efficient QoS priority mechanisms and flexible management. With high-density GE ports, it provides the required access and aggregation features of GE interface for IP Metro Ethernet, campus networks and IP RAN.

With significant high-density and high-speed capabilities, ZXR10 5900E’s Easy-Update features provide rapid service deployment and hardware hot-swap and update to meet the future service and QoE requirement.

ZTE’s 5900E Series Switch also focuses on the Last-Mile Unattended Central Office (LUCO) and adopts design principles specifically to optimize the operational experience for maintenance staff.

The 5900E Series Includes: ZXR10 5916E, ZXR10 5928E, ZXR10 5928E-FI and ZXR10 5952E. For more information contact us: sales@libertyport.com