15 Jan

2013 Wireless Symposium

San Antonio, Texas:

The Wireless Symposium & WiExpo has emerged as one of the most established wireless events for service providers and rural market operators. The conference brings together wireless representatives, highly respected leaders and next-generation vendors to embrace opportunities and identify solutions that turn products, services and ideas into profitable enterprises.

Our executives are looking forward to networking with leaders within the rural telecom community while also participating in panel discussions and forums such as, “LTE in Rural America: From Vision to Reality”. The presentation by Phillip Junker, Verizon Senior Executive of Strategic Alliances, will highlight how Verizon’s strategic partnership with mobile rural carriers has helped bring LTE to underdeveloped regions in the United States.

In addition, Liberty Port will be identifying new ways they can help rural operators maximize resale value of their deinstalled central office networking equipment while replacing it with next generation 4G/LTE networks.

For more information visit: http://www.buildwirelessnow.com/wireless-symposium-2013/wireless-symposium-2013.html