08 Jan

2016 International CES

CES Logo

Las Vegas, Nevada:

In the technology world, the holiday season is not over until Day 3 of the Consumer Electronic Show. As consumers worldwide are completing their 2015 shopping lists, the leading manufacturers in the world are prepping to break out the next lifestyle altering technology. During the 2013 show, Liberty Port saw the rise of the ‘phablet’ or phone/tablet for those outside the consumer electronic inner circle. It was evident that smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and ZTE, were trying to cater to consumers that demanded a viewing space of over 6 inches and resolution up to 1080p. This year, Liberty Port’s consumer electronics division visited CES this past week to see what’s new in the tech world.

If you already got rid of your parent’s massive LP record collection you may be regretting it in 2016. Both Samsung and Sony came out with a vinyl to MP3 Turntable platform that is definitely sending sound waves through the music community. Samsung’s model is the SL1200 whereas Sony has put out the PS-HX500, both a turntable in their own right and a head turning release for this year’s show.

ZTE won the crowd with their high flying acrobatic basketball performance team and their release of new models to compliment their high-end flagship line AXON, including the AXON Pro, AXON MAX, and AXON mini. This line of products represents the company’s vision of the future of mobile and its focus on core technologies aimed at more a more convenient user experience. These technologies include the world’s first pressure-sensitive touch screen, delivered by the AXON mini (Premium Edition). The bodies of all of AXON models are made from Boeing 787 aircraft-grade aluminum-titanium alloy, and they feature Hi-Fi audio, stunning screens, powerful cameras with impressive focus time, and expandable memory.

Liberty Port is the premier distributor of ZTE Telecom Solutions in the North American Market, and will marketing the SPR02, all-in-one portable DLP projector, which can be used on Verizon’s roaming network.

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