For over a decade, Liberty Port has maintained its commitment to customer service having successfully deployed telecom networks in over 30 countries with nearly 50 fixed line and wireless operators worldwide. Our commitment to customer service is not only limited to the engineering and management of green field and national backbone deployments but also includes the continued technical support and maintenance of legacy networks.

Company Profile

Based in Sarasota, Florida the Liberty Port team consists of internationally recognized IT and telecommunications specialists with over 25 years of business development, consultancy, and implementation expertise. We are well versed with all aspects of the technology industry and work closely with our partners to ensure the delivery of comprehensive technology solutions.

Due to our strategic partnerships with systems integrators, hardware manufacturers, and software providers, we are able to provide our customers with the necessary resources to make sure their network gets running and stays moving at full speed.

Corporate Responsibility

Liberty Port takes pride in our community and advocates a strong commitment to local participation, civil responsibility and creating a sustainable work environment for our employees, customers, and suppliers. Our core values include providing complete customer satisfaction through integrity, and always maintaining a professional work environment where employees are excited to come to work and give us their best! We encourage our employees to get involved and make a positive difference within their local community. Liberty Port annually supports a number of local groups and organizations that our employees volunteer and promote awareness for.


Liberty Port maintains a loyal customer base that we continuously strive to accommodate by identifying growing trends within the industry and helping to facilitate the introduction of those trends cost-effectively. As the company has evolved we have stayed loyal to our small to medium enterprise customers and continue to give them the same attention and support as our Tier 1 wireless and fixed line operators. We are always eager to meet new customers and explore opportunities in emerging markets throughout the world.

Carrier-Class Customers

Establishing a service provider network that meets the growing demands of customers worldwide can be a daunting task for any wireless or fixed line operator. Progressive and evolving technology further complicates network deployments as operators must consider CAPEX/OPEX, future technology advances and meeting the continual demand for increased bandwidth due to data usage. Understanding these challenges, Liberty Port has designated a superior team of carrier-grade professionals that have multiple years of experience designing and maintaining central offices, global data-centers, and ISP: Internet Service Provider networks. Our staff receives monthly training on new products to insure that your network will make it to the last mile. Current carrier class solution offerings include: Radio Access, Fixed Line Access, Core Network, Transmission, Datacommunications and Security platforms.

Enterprise Level Customers

Small to Medium Enterprise customers require the same technical proficiency and attention that operator level customers need as well. To accommodate this growing trend throughout the world, Liberty Port has designated a separate sales and technical support division to offer our customers to the utmost satisfaction when constructing SOHO networks. Finding the equipment that is right for your company can be difficult as there is a wide range of platforms and industry wide vendors. Our technical support staff will evaluate all of your networking requirements and work in conjunction with our sales staff to find the equipment that fits your needs and remains within budgetary constraints. In addition to selling you the proper networking equipment we will also take the time to educate your staff on how to use different platforms appropriately and will assist in on-site integration and maintenance. Current enterprise level solution offerings include: healthcare, transportation, logistics, public safety, finance, education, and energy.

Legacy Equipment Support

Vintage is in! Well, not exactly. Piecing together spare parts for a legacy system can be a difficult challenge for any network administrator. Oftentimes a short supply of legacy equipment can put operators in a situation where they are forced to upgrade their network but may not have the financial resources to do so. Liberty Port offers our customers the ability to resell their legacy equipment during new network deployments. Whether you are upgrading your video conferencing system from SD: Standard Definition to HD: High-Definition or upgrading from fixed line to wireless communications, Liberty Port can help your reduce CAPEX/OPEX by finding a new home for your functioning equipment. For rural carriers using legacy equipment, Liberty Port maintains a global inventory of refurbished equipment that can insure redundancy and long term operation.

Global Reach

With global representation in Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Liberty Port can provide the type of service and support you need regardless of the destination. Our international team is dedicated to providing you with all of the resources essential to running a successful commercial network deployment. Liberty Port is continuing to expand with the requirements of our customers by establishing local sales, daily operations and logistics centers throughout the world.