31 Dec

AIRCOM/Symena Cell Planning Tool


By Craig Galbraith, Sr. Online Managing Editor for VIRGO’s Communications Network

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AIRCOM International and Symena are jointly releasing Capesso AI 5.5.1, which the companies say is a significant milestone in the integration of AIRCOM’s network planning tool, ASSET, and Symena’s automatic cell planning tool, Capesso. The combined solution delivers planning and optimization improvements for LTE networks, processing of very large projects and support for GSM measurements. Together these features better support tomorrow’s heterogeneous networks (HetNet), the companies said.

Capesso AI now provides fully integrated and aligned support for LTE. Target functions are matched for network coverage (RSRP), quality of network coverage (RSRQ) and quality for data channels (PDSCH SINR). Complementing these advanced technical features is supposed to better support the increasingly complex nature of LTE network planning, rollout and optimization. In particular, there is better support for large, metropolis sized projects and enhancements in integration between ASSET and Capesso.

The new release also includes improvement to the Capesso Drive Test capability, the measured data module.

“We received tremendous positive feedback from our ASSET customers since the release of Capesso AI with a number making initial Capesso purchases,” said Daniel Ramirez, director of planning products at AIRCOM. “These new features offer particular benefits for rolling out LTE, optimizing GSM and effectively planning HetNets. This advanced functionality combines to sustain operational efficiency across next-generation mobile networks, enabling operators around the world to deliver differentiated service quality and maintain profitability.”

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