11 Jan

DesignCon 2015

Santa Clara, California:

Rogers Corporation will be introducing their new ULTRALAM 350 HT Laminates at the 2015 DesignCon held on January 28th and January 29th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The new laminate has a higher temperature LCP Material to facilitate a more robust high temperature and multilayer designs. Due to the higher melt temperature, the ULTRALAM 350 with offer improved dimensional stability as compared to previous designs. Rogers Corporation is the preferred manufacturer of all Liberty Port’s advanced circuitry materials. For more information on Rogers you can visit their Booth #749.

About DesignCon:

DesignCon enables chip, board and systems designers, software developers and silicon manufacturers to grow their design expertise. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about and see the latest advanced design technologies and tools from top vendors in the industry such as, ISOLA, Key Sight Technologies, and 3M.