15 Apr

CCA Global Expo

CCA Global Expo

New Orleans, Louisiana:

Competitive Carriers Global Expo 2014, will take place April 17-19 at the New Orleans Marriott to highlight the importance of technology, products and services related to the mobile industry. Developmental changes such as user trends, over-the-top content, and competitive local exchanges will all be analyzed in comparison to the offerings and business practices of larger carriers within the United States.

During the event CCA will host a panel discussion that will explore how telecom operators and other competitive carriers can navigate the new wireless landscape where cross-channel competitors are also sometimes partners. The Keynote Program will include round table discussions and individual speeches from industry leaders such as Dan Hesse (Sprint Nextel), Steve Bourgeois (Ericsson North America), S. Ron Smith (Bluegrass Cellular), and James Hyde (nTelos).

About CCA:

The wireless industry has always been dynamic, but in today’s evolving market operators are facing challenges from many new places. Cable operators, competitive local exchange carriers, mobile virtual network operators, and other cross-channel providers all impact the core businesses of wireless carriers.  But some of newcomers also can serve as partners and help the competitive carrier grow its business.  CCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States, with a licensed service area of CCA‘s more than 100 members covering 95 percent of the nation.

For more information visit: www.competitivecarriers.org.