27 Nov

China Mobile Phone Industry Expo

Mobilexpo ChinaShenzhen, China:

Liberty Port will attend the China International Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition (CME), held biannually in Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively.  It is no surprise that the CME has gained an international reputation as the best cell phone exhibition in Asia, as Asian manufacturers account for four of the top five brands sold globally. According to IDC: Smartphone Market Share, based on units shipped, Samsung accounts for 24.9%, Apple 11.7%, Huawei for 6.7%, Lenovo 5.2%, and LG: 4.8%.

In 2015, Liberty Port plans to expands its consumer electronics division by offering its customers a wide range of handsets and tablets sold by leading manufacturers. Visiting with suppliers at CME will help our team preview and demo all potential models before we bring them to foreign markets in Europe, Africa, and South America.

If you are interested in a particular model or product-line that you would like us to provide a testing report on, please contact sales@libertyport.com