10 Jul

GlobalMed Webinar


Scottsdale, Arizona:

On June 30, GlobalMed launched the next generation of software for a complete Telemedicine eNcounter™.  Building upon their proven technology, the eNcounter Application Suite is a single sign-on interface that gives the user the ability to intuitively manage the patient visit, access and control connected medical devices (visible and non-visible light images), auscultation, share images and conduct real-time video conferences in a HITECH  environment with anyone in the world.

We want to you to be among the first to see how it works!

Join Liberty Port and GlobalMed on Wednesday, July 15 at 2pm EST/11am PST for a 30 minute webinar where we will demonstrate how easy it is to use and answer any questions you may have.

Liberty Port offers a variety of video conferencing solutions designed for the healthcare industry. By incorporating new technology from GlobalMed, we hope to help improve the health care experience for both providers and patients alike.