10 Sep

Gumstix Adds Third-Party Custom Boards

Redwood City, California

New third-party computing options being introduced by Gumstix allow customers to design a variety of expansion boards with COM and SOM modules. DIY technical professionals will be able to build their own design or modify an existing design with new features such as WiFi, audio, LCD displays, sensors, global navigation (GPS) chips, or USB connectivity.

Gumstix offers customers the flexibility to complete a last minute design while also benefiting from a quick delivery without bulk ordering restrictions. The latest addition of third-party custom boards is from the Geppetto series, which manages and completes the entire process of design, supply chain integration and manufacturing automation in one intuitive design-to-order platform.

Creating a custom device in Geppetto is quick and cost-effective for large-scale development of thousands of boards, or one-off projects that are used for quick prototyping. For more information on Gumstix products or to learn more about how Liberty Port integrates Gumstix products in our single-board computer platforms contact sales@libertyport.com.