25 Jan

Info Biz Kuwait

Info Biz

Kuwait City, Kuwait:

INFOBIZ provides one of the best live platforms for global vendors and suppliers in the ICT Industries for presenting and demonstrating their latest solutions to consumers. This year, the theme will be focused on unifying the e-government systems of all Gulf countries, introducing advancements in e-learning services, and integrating e-learning at traditional academic institutions throughout the country.

Kuwait is an ideal market for the growing field of information technology and is ranked the top among GCC countries for the use of Internet services based on its population, which influences a substantial market for e-based learning. Liberty Port will meet with Internet Service Providers in Kuwait: Fasttelco, Gulfnet, and KEMS to introduce new GPON technology from ZTE. INFOBIZ will feature high end exhibitions from local companies such as the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Ministry of Awkaf and Islamic Affairs, and the Direct Investment Promotion Authority.