18 Apr

Liberty Port Announces STEM Initiative

Lakewood Ranch, Florida:

Liberty Port announced a new internship program focused on promoting the importance of STEM Education. STEM, better known as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focuses on fostering innovation through learning to better prepare students for a career in fields such as electrical engineering, biomedical sciences, and telecommunications.

Through this initiative, Liberty Port will offer a competitive internship program geared toward helping students better understand the IT world around them and how to develop skills to fill job placement after graduation.

As part of the program, Liberty Port is seeking qualified candidates pursuing engineering careers to learn the basic qualifications needed to configure, test, and manage common telecommunications platforms such as routers and switches. The selected candidates will work alongside our engineering team to develop the skills they need to practice safer security measures while also formulating innovative ideas to help our clients become better connected.

For more information on the internship program or to send you resume, please contact careers@libertyport.com