01 Jan

Liberty Port Asset Management Expansion

Miami, Florida:

Liberty Port will expand our asset management portfolio significantly over the next three years to maximize the growing demand for professional valuation and resale of legacy telecommunications hardware. Currently, Liberty Port provides wireless operators and internet providers hands-free deinstallation service in addition to long-term warehousing options for their legacy communications. Our track record for success has accounted for 100% complete redeployment, resale, and reuse of all hardware. Telecom operators can also take advantage of our hardware buy back program which includes the opportunity to replace legacy hardware with newer technology at a discounted rate. Our relationships with leading manufacturers, allows us the opportunity to negotiate a cost-effective way to keep your network on the cutting edge.

Liberty Port’s Global Asset Recovery Service is tailored to operators that have functioning legacy equipment and excess inventory that needs to be sold in order to make room for new hardware. Our AR Experts can help you generate revenue to reduce CAPEX/OPEX during network upgrades. Some of the services that we offer include the recovery of End of Service, End of Life, and End of Support Hardware.

For more information on our Asset Management Services or to contact us about a free hardware valuation, please email: sales@libertyport.com