25 Feb

Mobile World Congress


Barcelona, Spain:

The mobile ecosystem is rapidly expanding as users begin applying new applications of mobile technology, such as contactless payments and augmented reality to embedded devices and connected cities. Mobile users are now relying more than ever on their handsets and smartphones to help them do more than complete phone calls and send multimedia messages at 4G/LTE speeds. This year’s mobile congress will focus on the manufacturers and innovators within the industry that are seeking to gain the highest market share in the coveted realm of mobile handsets.

Liberty Port’s Carrier Class division will evaluate new technologies from manufacturers such as Nokia, Asus, LG, and ZTE to see how they stack up against the recent releases made at CES earlier this year by industry leaders such as Huawei and Samsung. Interesting debuts by Nokia featured the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 which will seek to gain market share from cost conscience customers that demand high quality without all the bells and whistles.

High-end phones such as LG’s Optimus G Pro, the rugged Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 and the ZTE Grand Memo received high praise and speculation over the evolving trend towards over-sized ‘phablets’.

For more information about the: 2013 Mobile World Congress.