18 Sep

P&T Expo Comm China 2012

Beijing, China:

The twenty-first PT/EXPO COMM CHINA will take place September 18th through September 22nd at the China International Exhibition Center located in Beijing China. The event organized by China National Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Corporation and China International Exhibition Group Corporation, is well known for its influence both domestically and throughout international markets.

The exhibition will feature a wide variety of technologies and products on display and for live demonstration purposes. Telecommunications infrastructure, telecommunications solutions, information applications, broadcasting technology, and consumer electronics are just some of the many items that will be showcased. Some of the key players that will attend this year’s event include China Telecom, ZTE, China Mobile, Cisco, and Alcatel-Lucent.

This event is sure to bring together industry professionals and corporate executives to make valuable business relationships and engage in corporate partnerships. For more information on this event please visit: http://www.expocommcn.com/en/index.php?fid=1