23 Feb

Rogers Corporation Launches Higher Temperature LCP

Rogers Corporation

Rogers, Connecticut:

ULTRALAM® 3850/3850HT laminate circuit materials utilize highly temperature resistant liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) as the dielectric film. Developed specifically for single layer and multilayer substrate constructions, these adhesive-less laminates are well suited for high speed and high frequency applications in: telecommunication network equipment  such as high speed router, high-speed computer data link, and other high performance applications.

ULTRALAM 3850/3850HT circuit materials are characterized by low and stable dielectric constant and dielectric loss, which are key requirements for high frequency, high-speed products. ULTRALAM 3850/3850HT is offered as a double copper clad laminate. offered in panels.

It can be used, for multilayer constructions with ULTRALAM 3908 bonding film.

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