Leading Provider of Used and Refurbished Networking Equipment

In addition to providing new telecommunications equipment, Liberty Port has access to an expansive inventory of used and refurbished networking equipment for central office switching, optical transmission, fixed-line and wireless communications. Our experienced sales team can help with all of your requirements to make sure that you are getting the highest quality product at a price you can afford. For third-party resellers we can host consignment services and market your equipment to our operators and partners worldwide.

To sell your legacy equipment today, please submit a valuation inquiry to our sales department below:

Asset Recovery

Liberty Port’s Global Asset Recovery Service is tailored to operators that have functioning legacy equipment and excess inventory that needs to be sold in order to make room for new hardware. Our AR Experts can help you generate revenue to reduce CAPEX/OPEX during network upgrades. Some of the services that we offer include the recovery of End of Service, End of Life, and End of Support hardware.

Brand Awareness

Breaking through the global telecommunications market can be challenging for new OEM providers. Making sure a new product is launched effectively is integral to producing a successful sales launch. Our team of sales and marketing experts will carefully evaluate the market potential of your products and determine which product is most proven for both commercial and consumer use. In addition to our experience, Liberty Port maintains partnerships with global distributors, that can help facilitate all aspects of supply chain management regardless of the region.

De-Installation Services

Our diverse partnerships with systems integrators around the world, allows Liberty Port the flexibility to help you regardless of where your network may be. The Liberty Port de-installation team will conduct onsite asset recovery to insure the functioning condition of the equipment before shipment and can also provide additional testing prior to the items being warehoused.

Inventory Analysis

Each equipment manufacturer has a specialized system for how they inventory, label and market their products. Without knowing where to look and what to look for during the inventory process, items can get improperly labeled resulting in a reduced chance of sale. Not only do our logistics and inventory experts know what to look for but they can provide you with additional information related to the revision number, version series, and description of the system or line card.

Pre-Installation and Commissioning

Our technical sales team can perform all pre-installation and commissioning services to ensure that all systems and components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained in accordance with the deployment requirements. Our expertise expands both new and legacy platforms which allow wireless and fixed-line carriers to have the flexibility to maintain their current management system while the new platform is being integrated.

Product Valuation

During bankruptcy auctions and telecom liquidation sales, it can be difficult for third parties to provide an accurate valuation of networking equipment without prior sales records. Due to our wide ranging portfolio of new products, we can determine the value of the equipment and reference the last known sale price to give you the highest market value yield.


Before we inventory and resell used equipment, everything is thoroughly tested by a team of quality control technicians  that designate whether or not the hardware has passed our standards examination. During the testing, all equipment undergoes a full power cycle and basic functionality evaluation followed by the factory reset of all configurations and settings. Customers are provided with a full testing evaluation of all used and refurbished equipment at the time of purchase.

Training Services

Profitable and efficient networks depend largely on the individuals supporting them. At Liberty Port, our training opportunities span the overall business operations of our customer-base and the curriculum is customized accordingly. Our strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers allow us to offer a diverse range of training programs tailored to meet your company’s requirements. Training programs are offered throughout the year for professionals in both technical sales and engineering.


In order to save you space, we can package and store your equipment until it has been resold. Our warehouse facilities throughout the world are all equipped with 24/7 security surveillance technology and dedicated onsite staff. Customers have the ability to monitor their equipment in real-time through our specialized remote access software platform. Based on the project demands, Liberty Port has the flexibility to find storage facilities near your central office in order to expedite network transition and reduce travel expenses.