Our technology portfolio includes the most advanced products and solutions from the leading telecommunications manufacturers around the world. Whether you are a small systems integrator looking for an SME solution or a leading wireless carrier transitioning into LTE, Liberty Port can provide you with the equipment required to build your network. In the telecommunications field we understand that all customers have different requirements for their networks. To help you stay competitive, we can offer cost effective solutions to help you get the highest return on your investment.To ensure that our customers are properly introduced to our diverse portfolio, we have two designated sales divisions, LP Carrier Class and LP Enterprise Class.

The Liberty Port Carrier Class Division is designed to support the complex requirements for, Telephone Companies, Local Exchange Carriers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Long Distance Carriers, and Wireless Service Providers.


Here is just a list of some of the manufacturers and equipment providers available:







LTE Ready Back-Haul

Due to the evolving demand for mobile telecommunications and data services, operators are beginning to shift their focus to next generation IP networks such as LTE: Long Term Evolution. With speeds approaching 300 Mbps, LTE networks will clearly demand much greater back haul capacity than most existing networks. Other important considerations for next generation service providers include a fully packet based architecture, Synchronous Ethernet, and low latency/jitter. As technology evolves to a more software based platform LTE will be the ideal solution for mobile operators that are looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology and customer requirements.

Mobile Cloud

Staying in line with future trends, requires knowing what type of infrastructure and services are involved within cloud based computing. Enterprise businesses are adapting to this trend by supporting a variety of satellite based employees that require daily access to desktop applications while on the sales path. To accommodate these needs, Liberty Port offers a number of hosted services and desktop platforms that can increase the proficiency of sharing data while decreasing the resources to do so. Through server consolidation companies can reduce their demand for additional hardware by utilizing software based platforms or TCs: Thin Clients.

Next Generation Networks

An increasing demand for high speed data services has influenced telecom operators to construct all-IP based networks in order to create a cost-effective solution for advanced broadband wireless services. As 4G becomes the common standard, customers will require operators to provide higher speeds and additional bandwidth from which applications, services, and content sharing can be done conveniently. To learn about the leading manufacturers for next generation networks, or design your roll-out strategy today, please contact our sales team.

Rural Fixed Line Providers to Advanced Wireless Carriers

Fixed networks service providers such as ILECs, CLECs, cable TV operators, ISPs and carriers are consistently faced with the challenge of updating their network and maintaining an increased subscriber base. With wireless communications becoming the standard, more subscribers are relinquishing fixed line service contracts. To adapt to this challenge, fixed network providers are beginning to explore ways of integrating wireless technology in underdeveloped service areas. Our expertise in both fixed line transformation to wireless and the rural carrier market can help operators make the right decision when developing a timeline for service deployments or when choosing the best suited technology.

WiMAX Backhaul

Added focus towards 4G technology, operators and internet service providers are deciding on the interoperability and performance of WiMAX: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access networks. For operators with limited capital a WiMAX based network, can provide a sure investment that is safe for future technological evolution. This technology is also an ideal alternative to Cable/DSL for Broadband.

The Liberty Port Enterprise Division is designed to support the daily requirements of our systems integration partners, SME businesses, SOHO engineers, and leaders within the IT Departments of large corporate organizations.

As mobile and fixed line operators begin to expand their customer portfolio to include enterprise businesses and organizations, Liberty Port has tested and deployed a wide spectrum of applications to include the education, healthcare, financial, utility, natural gas, and public safety sectors. Successful applications include the provision of campus wide internet access, and SOHO networking components.

Datacommunications Needs

The backbone of a sound network is solely reliant on the switching and routing equipment that is implemented within the network. Due to our strategic relationship with industry leaders specializing in the design and manufacturing of routers, switches, bridges, gateways, transceivers, repeaters, hubs, concentrators, and related data networking devices, Liberty Port can help find a product that is cost-effective and within the technical grasps of your IT department. Liberty Port specializes in the sale, service, and customer maintenance of  ATM/LAN/WAN Switching, L2 Ethernet Switches, L3 Ethernet Switches, and Routing hardware.


Network downtime within the financial industry can cause critical delays for customers worldwide. To prevent the possibility of a compromised network, Liberty Port has implemented and developed secure network designs using leading manufacturers in the field of IDS: Intrusion Detection Systems, IPS: Intrusion Prevention Systems, and IPSEC: IP Security. Having completed successful designs for some of the world’s leading finance institutions, LP has a diverse portfolio of security products to support any requirement for the auditing and management of secure networks. As critical data moves into the cloud, network administrators must ensure that trusted users are accessing the internal network from remote locations. Our wide range of SSL/VPN solutions, help small and medium corporations analyze all data packets and protect their infrastructure against exterior threats.

SOHO Networking

Knowing what networking equipment is the right fit for your enterprise business is an integral part of finding a cost effective solution. Our diverse portfolio includes Audio Visual Equipment, CPE Modems, IPPBX, VoIP, Video Conferencing, and WAN Optimization to help your business maintain a sound network. Based on the requirement, our sales team can help you identify which products meet your specific needs and are within the technical know-how of your engineering team.