25 Feb

Wind Expo Tokyo

Wind Expo Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan:

The 2015 Wind Expo Tokyo is a premier exhibition dedicated to the conservation and technologies that find application in wind energy. The exhibition is being organized as part of the World Smart Energy Week in the city of Tokyo, Japan along with seven other concurrent events. Small, medium and large scale enterprises in the country will be looking to take part actively in the event proceedings and engage in the high level networking sessions.Wind Expo Tokyo is expected to feature around 300 exhibitors from different parts of the country.

Liberty Port has partnered with ZTE Corporation to provide hybrid power solutions and energy saving technologies to our customers throughout the world.  ZTE has developed new integrated hybrid power solution, including various hybrid power solutions, solar power solution, solar-DG hybrid power solution, Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Solution, etc. The new integrated hybrid power solution is based on a core control system, which has high integration to house and control all the power units, such as CSU, solar power unit, rectifier, wind controller, etc.

For more information on ZTE Energy Saving Solutions visit: ZTE Corporation.