12 Feb


Atlanta, Georgia:

Liberty Port announces full certification and product evaluation of The ZXA10 C320. The compact all-in-one OLT allows for high density for the next generation of optical access. It supports GPON, EPON, P2P. The ZXA10 C320 is a small-capacity OLT with 2U height. It can be installed in 19inch rack with 300mm depths. ZXA10 C320 is compatible with all ZXA10 C300 line cards, including xPON cards, and P2P cards. The single system can provide up to 1,024 (splitting ratio 1:64) ONTs access.

With the low power consumption design, ZXA10 C320 is leading in the energy saving. The design complies with Europe CoC, RoHS and relative energy saving and environment protection requirements.

For more information on the ZTE ZXA10 C320 or to schedule a live demo contact sales@libertyport.com