30 Mar

ZTE ZXV10 A100 Digital Microphone

ZTE ZXV10 A100

San Jose, California:

The ZTE ZXV10 A100 is a first generation digital array microphone that offers the latest audio processing technology to enhance the overall conferencing experience. Unlike traditional microphones that are limited in range, the A100 is capable of 360°degree omnidirectional pickup for multi-participant meeting rooms. Using a POE platform, customers will enjoy reduced power consumption and maximize workspace efficiency by limiting the number of external cables used during conferencing sessions. The A100 supports an audio range of 8 meters’ to guarantee that every voice is heard without the additional requirement for cascading microphones.

All of the interfaces on the microphone have an anti-loosening and anti-disconnection design for secure connection. Professional interoperability allows customers to use the microphone with video conference terminals from a variety of different manufacturers. During conference sessions, it is important to have a microphone that is able to convey clear audio at comfortable levels. The A100’s use of AEC (Automatic Echo Cancellation), ANS (Automatic Noise Suppression) and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) allow the user to enjoy the sound effects of the conference while reducing the interference from other devices such as a cell-phone.

For active conferences, users can activate or deactivate four different sections of the microphone, allowing for clear communication and reduced background noise interference.