22 Mar

ZTE ZXV10 T700-4MX VCS Terminal

ZTE ZXV10 T700-4MX

Sarasota, Florida:

Liberty Port will begin marketing enterprise solutions for customer’s within the audio visual industry by introducing a variety of video conferencing, telepresence, and video based communication technologies. Due to the growing costs associated with business travel, majority of our customers have sought out alternative methods to continue conducting business while reducing the overall cost.

The ZXV10 T700-4MX HD: High-Definition video conferencing terminal with 4+1 embedded MCU is designed to meet the advanced requirements of enterprise level customers that are looking to engage in conferencing outside of point-to-point but are not looking to make the costly investment of a stand-alone MCU.

High definition viewing in 1080p or 720p helps deliver a rich colorful display that gives the user a feeling that the audience is sitting in the conference room with them. Limit the need for conference administrators, with the easy to use self-service control mode of the ZXV10 T700-4MX. Intelligent navigation gives users the ability to create and attend conferences using the remote control.

For more information contact us: sales@libertyport.com