09 Feb

ZXV10 T700 SW Version Upgrade

Shenzhen, China:

ZTE Corporation will be releasing a new update for the ZXV10 T700 HD Video Conferencing Terminal. The new update V1.1.5 will feature a number of product enhancements and improvements to the previous software. In order to upload the latest software version from your online GUI, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Log-In to the ZXV10 T700 HD Terminal Using Current Admin and Password Settings:

ZTE ZXV10 T700 System Login

Step 2: In the Drop-Down Menu Select ‘System Diagnostics’ Setting

ZXV10 T700 System Diagnosis

Step 3: Under the System Diagnostics Menu, Select Version Information

Version Info

Step 4: Confirm Current Software Version and Identify if Software Upgrade is Required

ZXV10 T700 Software Version Information

For assistance in properly uploading the latest software release, feel free to email our enterprise support team: techsupport@libertyport.com